Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Home Inspiration- Blue and White

When we first moved into our townhouse all the way back in 2009, most of our decor was navy and white (and brown).  I've admittedly made some not so great decor choices since then while figuring out my style and what works for us.  I've always had several traditional pieces but also went very modern for a short stretch back when ikat, pink, and lucite were all the rage.  Traditional is what I mostly tend to gravitate towards though with a hint of coastal and modern.  Like clothing styles, interior decor style changes and evolves.  I've been happy seeing blue chinoiserie, ginger jars, and navy becoming popular over the past couple of years.  I have several blue porcelin chinoiserie pieces that I have inherited or bought that I have shared in the first photo below.  I've recently seen some very inspiring rooms featuring these pieces and shades of blue.

All photos via Pinterest

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