Monday, August 29, 2016

Big News

We're expecting!  We're so excited that Mary-Grace will become a big sister in late Feb/early March.  We found out pretty early on that we were pregnant and couldn't believe it!  It took a long while to get pregnant and have Mary-Grace (another story for another day) so we were pleasantly surprised when this time it really took no time at all.  We trust in God's timing and his plan.  Mary-Grace doesn't really understand what's going on but I think she'll be a great big sister.  So far I've had some pretty severe nausea and tiredness on a daily basis, but thankfully no vomiting.  I've been taking naps when Mary-Grace does in the afternoons and that has helped.  We had one scare about 2 weeks ago where I went to the ER with some heavy bleeding but thankfully it stopped and the baby is doing fine.  My doctor said there's a small part of the placenta over my cervix and that she thinks part of it bled out.  We had a few similar scares when I was pregnant with Mary-Grace too.  I just keep praying everyday that it will all be ok and we'll have a healthy baby.  I'll post a few updates here and there as we take this exciting journey!

Friday, April 8, 2016


Hey everyone!  I've been having issues with Google and was locked out of my account for a while, but I'm back!  I can't believe that it's already spring.  We had a wonderfully busy Easter.  We attended my mom's side of the family's church, then drove about another 30-45 minutes to my moms house for lunch.  Mary-Grace was exhausted by the end of the day!  Holidays or an out-of-the-ordinary day can sometimes be challenging with a one year old because their routine is different and napping can be an issue with all of the events and traveling... as you other parents know!  She's down to one nap a day now which allows us to do more things in the mornings, but by the time the afternoon nap rolls around, I'm worn out too!

I love the spring season... the blooms (which my sinuses hate), the warmer temps, and the fresh fruits.      I also love getting my shorts and dresses back out and upfront in my closet.  You never know with living in NC though; might be able to wear those shorts once or twice in the winter!  I love buying and wearing warm weather clothes much more than cold weather clothes.  I also love that I don't have to worry about layering much and having the layers go together.  I've listed below a few of my current favorite spring essentials.
Happy Friday, everyone!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween!  We took Mary-Grace to our friends house where she went trick-or-treating with their little girl and another friends little girl.  Mary-Grace didn't quite understand what was going on, which I figured would be the case.  She started off walking up to the first couple of doors with us but would just stand there.   When the homeowner would show her the bowl of candy, she would just look at it.  She's not going to eat much of it anyways so it was just for the fun and experience.  All she wanted to do for the rest of the time was ride in this little push car that belonged to her friend.  Josh would push her up to the doors in the little car with her bucket in her lap... even carrying the car up the steps if the house had front steps.  I couldn't help but laugh my butt off.  I took quite a few pictures but a lot of them didn't come out well.  It was either too dark or she was moving too fast.  Below is the best one that I got of her, our little Minnie Mouse! Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and a few birthdays too!).  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Current Favorites

Skirt: Loft | Top: Banana Republic | Button Down: Zara | Wellies: Nordstrom (Hunter) | Sweater: Loft

Happy Halloween everyone!  This was one of my favorite holidays as a kid.  I loved dressing up and of course loved the candy!  We decided on Mary-Grace dressing up as Minnie Mouse this year.  It was either that or a puppy; her favorites.  I ordered her costume on eBay for a steal but it didn't come with the mouse ears so I had to hunt for some.  I went to Party City yesterday and they were packed!  All they had were pink Minnie Mouse ears and her costume is red.  I did end up finding a pair of Mickey ears after digging through the party section so I snagged those and went next door to Michael's and found some red polka dot ribbon.  After I glued a bow to her ears, we held her and her Minnie Mouse up to the mirror together and she thought it was the funniest thing.  Tonight we're going to our friends house for pizza and maybe some trick-or-treating.  Mary-Grace won't really understand what's going on but I'm sure she'll still have fun.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow!  Have a safe and fun day!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cool Weather Favorites Under $40

Cool Weather Favorites Under $40

Old Navy gray socks / Old Navy white socks / BP circle scarf / Hat / Zara hat / Cost Plus World Market infinity scarve

I've been loving this cooler (and now sunny) weather. After having rain and clouds for a good 11-12 days straight, it's been nice to have some sunny days this past week.  I took Mary-Grace to the park a couple of times to enjoy the weather.  The flooding in SC and parts of NC have been terrible and my thoughts and prayers go to those affected.  I hope for some more sunny days ahead!

I've rounded up some of my cool weather favorites that are all under $40!  I already own the fuzzy socks, black infinity scarf, and gloves (in black). The scarf is only $4.99!  You can't beat that.  I think the quality of it is really nice for the price.  I also got it in blue and have been wearing it frequently, even with t-shirts when it's been in the 70's.  I've really been wanting to wear my boots but I don't think it's been quite that cool, plus I haven't seen anyone around here wearing any yet... I could always be the first?!   What are your current favorites?  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Current Favorites



I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  It's been raining here for about 5 days now and will for a few more days I hear, plus there's a hurricane nearby.  I've been wearing my rain jacket a lot more!  I'm not complaining about the cooler temps though. It's finally starting to feel like fall around here which makes it more ok to wear fall clothes and accessories.  I don't own any of my current favorites this week but they are still on my wish list... although some will have go on sale first.  I'll be honest, I rarely buy anything that's not on sale.  Almost everything will go on sale at some point, sometimes even right after it comes out if there's a friends and family sale or a holiday sale.  I will spend more on shoes though because they get used more and many can be worn in multiple seasons.  What are your favorites for cooler weather?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  Ours was very busy as we decided to paint our living and dining room areas.  It's something that I've been wanting to do for a while, plus it really needed it because the walls were getting too scuffed up.  The rooms were both neutral colors, but different shades and I wanted them to be all one color since they are adjoining.  I also wanted to move some shelves from the living room to the dining room and move a few other small wall decorations.  After multiple samples we went with Antique White by Behr.  I'll plan to post some after pictures once I get everything back up on the walls!

Our color samples on the "dining" room color. The Antique White is on the far left and also on the bottom left.  

And I thought this was just a cute picture of Mary-Grace and Josh shopping in the tool section of Home Depot while we were waiting on the paint.