Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween!  We took Mary-Grace to our friends house where she went trick-or-treating with their little girl and another friends little girl.  Mary-Grace didn't quite understand what was going on, which I figured would be the case.  She started off walking up to the first couple of doors with us but would just stand there.   When the homeowner would show her the bowl of candy, she would just look at it.  She's not going to eat much of it anyways so it was just for the fun and experience.  All she wanted to do for the rest of the time was ride in this little push car that belonged to her friend.  Josh would push her up to the doors in the little car with her bucket in her lap... even carrying the car up the steps if the house had front steps.  I couldn't help but laugh my butt off.  I took quite a few pictures but a lot of them didn't come out well.  It was either too dark or she was moving too fast.  Below is the best one that I got of her, our little Minnie Mouse! Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and a few birthdays too!).