Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Home Inspiration- Linens

It feels like I just said "Happy Hump Day".  The past 7 days have flown by!  As I said in my post from yesterday, it's hot as an oven here in NC.  The kids and I took a break from everything today and just stayed home in the air conditioning.  We read a ton of books, played make-believe, I organized some of Mary-Grace's baby clothes that I'm letting go of, cooked meals, watched cartoons, and just enjoyed staying cool and not rushing around (although I do like staying busy).  It's just nice to have a break sometimes.  Do you agree?  

For today's home inspiration post, I wanted to share some of my favorite linen items for the home.  She are very affordable and some are dream items.  

 Pillow Sham
I absolutely love love love this scalloped sham with the cornflower blue trim.  They are very pricey and not currently in my budget of what I can spend on pillow shams, but if I had an unlimited budget I would love to have them.  They also come in several other color choices. 

From the same company as the above shams, these gorgeous embroidered sheets are also on my list. Speaking of sheets, I just read an article from Town & Country about using a top sheet and how it's becoming more popular to not use one. Do you use one?

A southern home is never complete without a monogram.  These monogramed cocktail napkins are the perfect keepsake for any home and make any gathering a touch more sophisticated.  

These solid white buffet napkins are a great steal at 9.99 for a set of 6.  They would match any table or holiday decor and can be bleached in the wash.  

I also have a love for vintage and think these vintage napkins found on Etsy are beautiful and tell a story of the household that used them prior. Found here and here.  

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