Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Home Inspiration- Kitchen Wants and Needs

Happy Hump Day!  I took Mary-Grace and Benton on a playdate this morning to check out a new music play space.  They had a ball!  Mary-Grace did some climbing, jumping in the bounce house and running around. .We tried to keep Benny up on the way home (as parents know, it's so hard to get a baby back to sleep after they fall asleep in the car) by singing loudly and calling out his name.  We kept him awake but he didn't nap when we got home... so that didn't work! Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.  We have chicken wings sitting in the refrigerator set aside for dinner tonight but we had Chick-Fil-A for lunch while we were out so I'm not feeling the wings.  I need to come up with another idea asap.  We spend most early evenings cooking in our kitchen while catching up on the days happenings and snacking on crackers or a dip we'll make.  There are a few extra things I would love to have for our cooking prep and dining, and a few things we actually need.

Dinner Plates
I've been eyeing these dinner plates (also available in salad plates and a plater) for a while.  We already have some every day plates (these) which I like but I love the feminine scalloped edge and the touch of blue on these.

Can Opener
I know this is kind of random but we received the older version of his can opener when we got married 9 years ago.   It just recently stopped working (but can maybe be fixed?).  If not, I'll definitely get this new one.  We had a back up manual can opener but Josh broke it, go figure.  An electric one is so much easier to use anyways!

Cutting Boards
Another important product our kitchen could use: more cutting boards.  We have a bamboo board and  a couple plastic, flexible cutting mats, but the mats haven't held up very well.  I really like this one and I like that it is antimicrobial and non-poreus (which I'm paranoid about).  The board also has great reviews!

The coasters that we have are made of stone with a cork bottom.  Unfortunately they've gotten dropped a couple of times (and one broke) or hit sideways on the table and caused a scratch.  I really like these and the deeper inset.  

I would love this rug in from of the sink or the stove.  It's a classic print but on trend (more blue and white here).  I think this similar rug would look great under an island!

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