Thursday, June 7, 2018

Recipe- Josh's favorite pasta salad and thoughts on grocery shopping

I've been just doing mom duties today... making meals, changing diapers, playing games, went on a fun outing, washing clothes, etc.  I also gathered meal ideas and put in our grocery order for the rest of the week.  We mostly shop at Harris Teeter and use their express lane.  Is there a Harris Teeter near where you live?  Using an express lane at a grocery store makes shopping so much easier, especially with two little ones... although they do love the race car shopping cart! Have you tried Shipt or another similar service?  It sounds great but I'm kind of weird about someone I don't know delivering groceries to my house.  I also have thought "how long would the groceries sit in their car, did they check for sell by dates and quality, did they find the best prices, etc"? I'm sure other customers can leave reviews about their purchaser but I still feel a little weird about the idea.  Maybe I'll change my mind at some point!

Anyhow,  for today's recipe I wanted to post Josh's favorite pasta salad; deviled egg.  We love having pasta salad as a side dish to hot dogs, sandwiches, and burgers.  We were getting tired of the usual Italian style so I went to look for something new to try.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a go and now Josh requests it every time I mention pasta salad! I use a little less mayo because I'm not a fan, and I leave out the eggs because Josh isn't a fan.  I also add a little more of the seasonings.  I've attached the link for the recipe at the bottom for you!

Recipe and Photo via here

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