Thursday, April 5, 2018

Benton's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Benton's first birthday by having a small party at our house on March 3rd.  His actual birthday was February 28th.  I'm really late with this posting but better late than never, I guess!

I love love love planning parties and celebrations.  I could browse Etsy and party stores all day.  Even though at times I got a little worried with the planning (like when Benton got a fever a few days before the party and two of the books for decor I ordered weren't shipped), I really enjoy it.  I decided on Winnie the Pooh as the theme for the party after he dressed up as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween. Below, I've shared some photos of the party.  I shared more on Instagram if you want to check out those.  We tried to keep the prep for it on the actual party day pretty simple.  We bought the cupcakes and got the free smash cake from Harris Teeter, ordered carry-out pizzas from Dominos, and we had sweet tea and lemonade to drink.  We set up the table the night before.  Josh had to run out the morning of for the balloons and to pick up the pizza though. For gifts, we gave the adults a bottle of honey, and the kids got the little baskets with some Teddy Grahams,  fruit snacks, a little clay pot, and I meant to put stickers in it but forgot, oops!

The party was a lot of fun though and was a special day for us.  We're thankful our loved ones could join us to celebrate our sweet boy.  Benton devoured his smash cake and the other little ones loved the cupcakes.  The kids mostly played in the little play "room" we have set up in our basement.  It was a little chilly for them to play outside that day.

I can't believe Benton is now one (well now he's actually 13 months!).

I've sourced the info at the bottom for all of the decor.  Now, I can't wait to plan Mary-Grace's next party!  But, that's a few months away.

Gift baskets: Target
Banner: Etsy
Vintage Winnie the Pooh Book:
Letter B: Michaels
Clay Pots: Dollar Tree
Cake Stands: Home Goods (we already had these)
Tree stand block: AC Moore
Ribbon: AC Moore
Pitcher and Beverage Dispenser: Bed Bath and Beyond
Winnie the Pooh Print and Invitations: Etsy
High Chair: FB Marketplace find
Benton's birthday party hat: Etsy
Wood Boxes: Tuesday Morning and Michaels
Table Runner: Amazon
Bees: AC Moore

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