Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Must-Haves for Summer

Monday is here already!  This past weekend was uneventful for us but it still flew by.  We stayed around the house a lot while I caught up on some cleaning and little projects.  Josh wasn't feeling well so we didn't all go out together except to the grocery store... I told you it was uneventful. How was your weekend?  What do you have planned for this week?  Mary-Grace has gymnastics tomorrow like she does every Tuesday and we're planning on going to the pool on Wednesday because the weather is suppose to be nice.  I haven't planned out the rest of the week yet so I better get on that.

On to my Monday must-haves!  All of these things are sitting in virtual shopping bags.  I'm not too much of an impulse shopper which is good and bad (good because I don't typically overspend but bad because I sometimes miss out on things!) so I always have things in shopping bags.

Blue and White Stripe Shorts
I love these shorts! I love the length (not too short), the pockets, and the tie around the waist.  I would pair with a sleeveless white top or a navy tee.  You can get them here.

Flip Flops
Loving these flip flops for the pool, beach, and anywhere really. I've been eyeing them for multiple summers now.

This beach throw/sarong came up as a suggestion when I was looking at the sandals above.  It looks so fun to wear.  It comes in a few other color choices and can be worn multiple ways.

Hair Ties
I really want to try these Teleties hair ties.  Have any of you tried them?  I really like the color shown below.  Also, where the heck do all of my other hair ties go?  They always disappear!  Do you also have that problem?

Baseball Cap
I really love this needlepoint baseball cap from the same website as the Teleties (found here).  I really love the mint color and the sailboat for summer.  I tend to wear baseball caps when having a bad hair day or if I don't have time to style!


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