Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Old Navy navy striped dress

Old Navy graphic design tee

J.Crew pleated shorts

Jack Rogers lace up flat

Butter London red nail polish

I love most holidays for the meanings behind them as well as the celebrations of course.  I also love holidays that I can dress up for.  To be honest, I really don't have a whole lot of red in my closet other than NCState shirts and t-shirts from the school I work at.  I don't dislike the color but it's not one that I'm usually drawn to.  However, I have enough in my closet to put together a coordinated red, white, and blue outfit.  For those who might need some inspiration, I've created a board above with some patriotic outfit creations that will work for whatever your plans may be.  Right now our plans are up in the air but I'm sure we'll have fun none the less.  Last year, we had some family over for hot dogs and then piled in one car to go downtown to watch the fireworks.  While the fireworks were great, it was super crowded and parking was a nightmare... not really something this 9 month pregnant lady wants to deal with this year.  So whatever we end up doing will be fun but low key.  I hope you all have a fun 4th and I'd love to hear about any traditions that your family has!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's happening around here...

Hope everyone is having a great Monday (as great as it can be that is!).  I finished up with work last week and Josh (hubby) and I are now off for the summer.  Remember, we are both teachers? This is great timing as our little one's arrival date is getting closer so we have some time to finally rest and finalize preparations.  Unfortunately I've been feeling horrible the past day or two. Doctor thinks it's not pregnancy related, maybe just a bug.  Our AC decided to stop working again last night so we slept in our basement bedroom which was still warm but bearable.  Not what an 8.5 month sick, pregnant woman living in the south needs.  Anyhow, it's working again for now so fingers crossed for no more problems!

Preparations for baby are coming along.  I wish I could say that the nursery is ready to go and the hospital bags are packed but with wrapping up the school year and showers, weddings, birthing classes at night, birthdays, etc. there just hasn't been much time.  We're very blessed to be apart of it all but man have I been exhausted! Josh has been getting the nesting bug too.  This little girl already has him wrapped around her little finger, which he'll proudly admit.  It's so cute to see him go into her nursery to spend time in there and to get excited about putting together the car seat and stroller.  He's also been wanting to help decorate the nursery- helping to pick out the paint color, furniture, and planning where the decor will go.  I count myself very lucky that he is so involved!  I was planning on posting some pictures of the progress in the room but it looks like another bomb went off.  I will however, show you all this awesome rug that I found at Home Goods a few weeks back that looks pretty darn identical to the sheepskin one I've been eyeing at Restoration Hardware.  This rug was $16.99 though and not $99.

Restoration Hardware's Rug
Found here

My rug found at Home Goods

A pretty close match, right?  Below is an elephant picked up by Josh when we were in Pottery Barn Kids that couldn't be put down.  Again, wrapped around her little finger...

BTW, how does the new design layout look!?  Time to get some more rest and catch up with the DVR!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Faves


I've been craving cold drinks like water, juice, slushies, and smoothies so this lime sherbet punch may be happening this weekend.
found here

I have a few special occasions coming up and need a couple of dresses.  I've been trying not to spend much on maternity clothes but a couple of semi-formal dresses are necessary.  I'm really loving this Seraphine front knot dress and the fact that it's appropriate to wear for some time after baby too.
found here

I forgot how much I love Clinique's Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder until I ran out of it this week.  I have weird skin.  I tan easily thanks to my Italian genes but I also have sensitive skin that doesn't like strong chemicals or fragrances.  This powder covers up redness and takes away shine without irritating my skin.  I use this every day and the compact will last me 2-3 months on average.

found here

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kate Spade Sale Items

Good morning all!   I received this exciting email in my inbox this morning.  Kate Spade's Friends and Family Sale starts today and ends Sunday.  Use promo code S14FFUS.

My picks are the following items.  I love a sale and these items are already on sale which makes them almost a steal!  Apparently I also love bows and stripes...

Kate Spade Sale Items

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First new post!

Wow, here I am typing a new blog post for my new blog.  I started a blog a few years ago, The Duly Noted, but it was something that I didn't have much direction with, felt like my blog posts were too all over the place and I started to lack motivation.  I love writing, sharing my ideas, and reading others blogs and chatting with others.  I want this new blog to be about all of that but also to serve as a forum for me to save special memories to be able to look back on.  So... a little about who I am and what that might include.  I am a wife to my wonderful husband Josh.  We have been married for 5 years (anniversary is tomorrow!).  I'm also a special education teacher/case manager at a high school.  My newest and very exiting role is momma-to-be.  We're expecting a little girl, Mary-Grace Caroline, at the end of July.  This blog won't solely be about her but since she's already a big part of my life, you'll hear about it!

This blog right now is very boring and blah looking but I promise it won't stay that way!  Stephanie at Stephanie G Designs will be creating a design for me that will hopefully be debuted next month.  I came across her website a while back when I was looking at refreshing The Duly Noted.  I never took the plunge with it but figured since I am starting fresh with a new blog, title and all, why not?

I hope that you all (whoever might read this first post) has a wonderful Wednesday!