Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Must-Haves Accessories for the Littles

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.  Did you do anything for Fathers Day? We went to a cookout yesterday for lunch with my grandparents, stepdad, mom, and an uncle that was in town. I stuffed myself full of salmon, pasta salad, potato casserole, salad, and chocolate pie. We then had my dad over for dinner.  I was worn out by the end of the day and fell asleep a lot earlier than I usually do!  It was a really special day though getting to spend time with the men in my life and I feel very blessed to be able to do so.  

I was browsing around social media the other day and a sponsored post for the umbrella below came up.  It's so stinking cute.  It made me start thinking about the other accessories that Mary-Grace (and Benton) loves and a couple of other things that are on my list.

How cute is this little umbrella?!  Mary-Grace would love to have it, found here.  It's also available in a blue gingham (shown below) and a couple of other patterns.  It's on sale right now and has a matching rain jacket available!

I got Mary-Grace her first pair of Saltwater sandals (here) when she started walking and she has had 4 pairs since then.  Benton is now on his second pair.  I love that they are classic and go with just about any outfit.  They have a sturdy sole and can get wet without damaging them.  

I also really like these for Mary-Grace to wear around the pool, splash-pad, or anywhere else!


These bows are the best I've found so far because they stay in Mary-Grace's hair without budging much.  They come in a ton of colors and different sizes.  

This bracelet is definitely more of an heirloom piece but it is so precious.  I would get my child's name engraved on it.  

I have this sunhat for Benton in white but I also love the light blue stripe shown below.  It fits true to size and has an adjustable tie.


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