Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recipe- Shrimp Scampi

A couple of weeks ago we decided to make our own take on shrimp scampi.   We don't have our own recipe but we used one as a guideline and made it to our liking. We bought Argentinian shrimp because they were on sale.  The employee working in the seafood department told us they were sweeter than other shrimp and tasted similar to lobster.  We thought "yeah ok" but we were pleasantly surprised that they did taste similar to lobster! The texture wasn't as soft as lobster but the taste was very similar.  If you love shrimp, it's a definite must to try.

Here is the recipe that we used as a guideline for the sauce.  We added more garlic and butter because we love garlic and butter.  

The photo of our final dish is poor quality since it was taken in bad lighting with my iPhone but it gives you an idea of how it looked!

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