Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide- For the Toddler

Only two days until Thanksgiving! Today I'm sharing with you a toddler gift guide for the holidays.  We've asked Mary-Grace, who is now 3 years old, what she wants from Santa Claus this year and she has told us books, a Finding Nemo/Dory toy, and snacks. Snacks! haha.  She's definitely related to us. Even though she doesn't need anymore toys (I feel like she has so many), she'll get one or two from Santa and I'm sure from other relatives.  I've been picking up books here and there that are age appropriate for her and that I feel she'll love.  I'm so happy that she loves books and I won't mind that she'll have a lot of those.  As a side note-  I saw instagrammer post about having a bag that says "Toys to give to Santa" that your child uses for toys that have served their purpose that other children may love and donating them.  Such a great idea!  Below is a fun guide I've put together for children around her age that consists of educational/imaginative play toys as well other ideas if you don't want to buy just toys like myself.  I hope it gives you some good ideas!  By the way,  Mary-Grace has the tent shown below except in pink stripes and it is very well made for its price point and easy to put together!

Veggie Tales Book: here | Dr Suess Book: here | Hoodie: here | Chef Dress Up Set: here | Rain boots: here | Train Set: here | Music Instruments: here | Finger Paint: here | Hand Sign Alphabet: here | Panda Bear: here | Teepee Tent: here | Number Puzzle: here | Backpack: here

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