Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide- For the Baby

Happy Monday!  The holidays are now upon us!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week.    I thought I'd share a few gift guides this week to hopefully give you some ideas of what to get your loved ones.  I always love looking at other bloggers guides and seeing their picks.  I thought I'd start off with a guide for baby.  A lot of these choices are things on my list to get Benton.  He'll be 9 months old at Christmas (going on 10 months).  He won't really know what is going on during gift giving but he still needs a few little things, and I'm sure he'll love helping to unwrap!  Even if you don't have a baby yourself, maybe these will give you some ideas if you have a little niece, nephew, godchild, friends baby, etc. to shop for.

Placemat: here  | Booties: here | Baby Book: here | Soft Book: here  | Nutcracker Book: here | Puppy: here | Hat: here | Monogram Bib: here | Burts Bees Skincare: here | Shape Sorter: here | Sweater: here

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