Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Home Inspiration- Master Bath Refresh

Josh and I have lived in our house for going on 9 years.  The only room in our house (albeit fairly small house) that hasn't been painted or really "decorated" is our master bath.  It's a pretty sad looking space.  I guess because it's not seen often by company, it has been my last focus.  It's not that large of a master bath.. only one sink and no separate shower, but it is what it is.  We definitely won't be doing anything else to it other than a refresh like this one since we only plan to live here for at most another 2 years.  The walls could also use a fresh coat of paint but below are my selections for what I want to include.  I love soothing colors and natural fabrics for a relaxing, clean feeling space.  These bath towels aren’t cheap but I love them.  I’ve found a great source for every day towels is Home Goods (love that store!).  I’ve gotten some great quality ones there for not much.  I also really love the double-prong shower hooks for the curtain and liner.  It’s such a pain to change out the liner with the single round hooks!   Is there a room in your house that could use a little refresh?

Solid Bath Towels: here | Stripe Bath Towels: here | Shower Curtain: here | Bath Mat: here | Shower Hooks: here | Waste Basket: here | Soap Dispenser: here | Candle: here

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