Saturday, January 3, 2015

And then there were 3

Well to say that life has changed over the past 5 months is an understatement.  Life isn't completely different, but I'm sure as other moms know and others can assume, it does change quite a bit.  The words wonderful, stressful, happy, funny, and tiring all come to mind when thinking about it, but I feel so very blessed.  When you hear other parents say that they didn't think they could love someone so fast until they had a baby is absolutely true.  This little girl has stolen our hearts and has so many people wrapped around her little finger!  Mary-Grace Caroline arrived (a week late and evicted) on August 5th.  I won't share all of the details because that's quite a bit of info to throw at you after coming back to the blog, but at some point I will try to share it.  I've always found it interesting to read others birth stories myself.  For the most part we have our routines down, but with a growing baby, things are subject to change!  Her personality has really been showing and I can't wait until she starts talking.  I have a feeling she will be the life of the party.  She seriously smiles and laughs at just about everything except when she's hungry, just like her mom and dad.

My husband and I have both had the past two weeks off of work to celebrate the holidays, relax, and catch up on things, which has been amazing.  To say we have jammed packed days when we work is also an understatement.  I've been able to clean out some of the closets, work on a project for the nursery, and catch up with friends and family.

Mary-Grace has had a lot of firsts to share: 1st Halloween, 1st Thanksgiving, 1st Christmas, 1st New Years, 1st bite of food, 1st time rolling over, and you get the picture. Of course like many other moms out there with a smart phone and cute baby girl clothes, I have made sure to get her dressed up to take a picture of the event when I can.

On her birthday

1st Halloween

1st Thanksgiving

1st Christmas

1st New Years Day

1st visit with Santa

I hope you all have also enjoyed the holidays and I promise I will be back soon. Happy 2015!

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