Thursday, October 26, 2017

Recipe- Almost-Famous Burgers

I follow several food bloggers, restaurants, and other food related accounts on Instagram.  They give me great ideas for recipes and also give me hunger pains on occasion.  This is especially the case if I'm in the mood for say, a chocolate dessert and then a delicious, decadent double chocolate cake pops up in my feed.  I also have several hard copy cookbooks in my kitchen and have hundreds of recipes pinned to Pinterest for inspiration.  This past week, what caught my eye was the Almost-Famous Animal-Style Burger, so it's called, from The Food Network.  It's a fairly simple way to dress a burger but I don't think I've had it this way before so I had to try!  I purchased the best quality ground beef at the grocery, but with some fat because that apparently makes a juicy burger.  I also picked up some dairy-free buns since I can't have diary right now because my infant son has a cow protein allergy and I'm breastfeeding... more on that later. Burgers typically go over well in my household and my husband rarely rejects the idea of having one for dinner.  They're obviously not the healthiest food to eat but they sure taste good!

Recipe found here

Let me know what you think and how yours turns out if you decide to try!  Below is mine!

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