Sunday, June 21, 2015


June 11th was my last day at work before summer break.  I am so excited to spend time with Mary-Grace, to have time to relax, and to catch up.  We don't have any big plans for the summer other than going to Charleston/Folly Beach for a week next month.  I imagine most days will include spending time at the pool, meeting up with Josh for lunches, going on walks when it's not too hot, visiting, and whatever else sounds good at the time.

Mary-Grace is now 10 months old and she has been growing like a weed.  I'm so thankful that she is healthy and thriving.  Her personality continues to show.  She laughs and smiles at just about everything, but gets upset if you take something from her.  She loves dancing, clapping, shaking her head no when we tell her no,  Mickey Mouse, taking a bath, swimming, music, flipping through books, and being pushed in the stroller.  She seems to like just about every type of food that she tries (thank goodness!).  She has been standing up now for about 3 months and has taken her first steps, but not really walking yet.  Time just seems to be flying by and I hope it slows down some.  I'm sure all of you other mama's agree!

Mary Grace at 10 months

Also, I'd like to wish a very Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there including my husband, dad, step-dad, and grandfather.  This is Josh's first Father's Day which I think he's excited about.  He got his Father's Day gift early; a PS4.  He's definitely a big kid at heart.  Mary-Grace is a lucky little girl to have him as her daddy.  We've got a busy day planned out that I'm excited about.  Hope you all have a great day!

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