Thursday, April 3, 2014

First new post!

Wow, here I am typing a new blog post for my new blog.  I started a blog a few years ago, The Duly Noted, but it was something that I didn't have much direction with, felt like my blog posts were too all over the place and I started to lack motivation.  I love writing, sharing my ideas, and reading others blogs and chatting with others.  I want this new blog to be about all of that but also to serve as a forum for me to save special memories to be able to look back on.  So... a little about who I am and what that might include.  I am a wife to my wonderful husband Josh.  We have been married for 5 years (anniversary is tomorrow!).  I'm also a special education teacher/case manager at a high school.  My newest and very exiting role is momma-to-be.  We're expecting a little girl, Mary-Grace Caroline, at the end of July.  This blog won't solely be about her but since she's already a big part of my life, you'll hear about it!

This blog right now is very boring and blah looking but I promise it won't stay that way!  Stephanie at Stephanie G Designs will be creating a design for me that will hopefully be debuted next month.  I came across her website a while back when I was looking at refreshing The Duly Noted.  I never took the plunge with it but figured since I am starting fresh with a new blog, title and all, why not?

I hope that you all (whoever might read this first post) has a wonderful Wednesday!

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