Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Home Inspiration- Christmas Decor

I absolutely love looking at all of the Christmas decor that's displayed right now.  My own home is lacking a little though... too busy with a 3 year old and a baby.  We have our stockings up, large tree up and finally almost fully decorated, and a somewhat festive front door decor.  I'll also decorate and set the dining table our for Christmas Eve dinner that we host.  I have two small (under 2ft) trees to still put up as well- one in the kids room and maybe one in the kitchen.    I took the easy way out and put them back in the boxes still decorated from last year so they shouldn't take too long to put up.  Does anyone else do this?!  If I had some extra time and space I'd love to replicate the looks of the beautiful decor shown below.

How beautiful is this staircase garland? Goals.
Found on Pinterest here

I love the matching wreath above the mantle garland and the little village houses are a perfect with it all .
Found on Pinterest here

I love trees on tables like this one.  For Mary-Grace's second Christmas, she was only 16 months old and was into everything.  So, we put up a small 3ft tree on a table similar to this but I didn't have a cute basket like the one shown here.
Found on Pinterest here
 There's something about wreaths with striped ribbon that I love and especially shown with a boxwood wreath like this one.
Found on Pinterest here

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